Denmark opens world’s most ideally placed Church of Scientology

On May 27th, Scientologists from all around Europe and other parts of the world, joined to dedicate their newest Ideal Church.

Church of Scientology of Denmark, is located in a building at the very heart of Copenhagen. It is a significant tribute to the history of Denmark and a herald of its future, arousing soul and spirit of this multicultural city.

“Following the unbreakable tradition of our Church since over a decade ago, this new Ideal Church in Copenhagen is embodied in premises that are unlike any other in Europe and located at the busiest and longest walking street in the European continent.

You arrive where Copenhagen was born,” emotively stated Iván Arjona, new Director General for the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights.

“While the main effort has come from Scientologists from Denmark, because of the meaning of Denmark to all they have received support from all over Europe and all over the world, making it ‘their church’ too”, added Arjona.

“It is inevitable that Scientologists are dedicating themselves to a movement that moves our life to a better condition” said a scientologist who has contributed to the purchase and renovation the church.

The guests

Among the special guests was Mr. David Miscavige, world leader of Scientology; Copenhagen City Councilor, Mr.

Klaus Mygind; Chief Superintendent for Danish Police (Ret.), Mr. Thøger Berg Nielsen; publishing executive and advisor to the Copenhagen Commune, Mr. Rene Jensen; and Historic Restoration Architect, Mr. Bjarke Christensen.

Mr. David Miscavige announced to more than 2500 scientologists and guests in Nytorv (the square where the church is located) that the recently opened church, «is the most ideally placed in the world».

The building has been carefully restored and re-designed to its best origins in the center of Copenhagen.

The church

It is a Neoclassical 3800 m2 building that was constructed in 1796. It is five stories high and is a few meters from the main walking street of the city, which is one of the busiest in Europe with over 75,000 people passing per day.

In fact, it is known to be a central hub for gatherings and also where a a lot of humanitarian programs take place.

Scientology has sponsored drug prevention groups for over three decades and they have reached the youth of Denmark with many tons of drug prevention booklets known as “The Truth About Drugs”. The Scientologists have also organised other humanitarian activities such as The Way to Happiness, Youth for Human Rights and even created the Awareness March that takes place every year and reaches more than 200,000 with their message of human rights.

Local community, other religious communities and many like-minded and cultural organisations will be able to host their own events in the chapel of this new church.

As well as organise team activities to help improve Danish society.

Opening new churches around the world

In the past 12 months, Scientology has opened other new churches; Miami, San Fernando Valley, San Diego, Sydney, Atlanta, Harlem, Auckland, and Budapest. Future openings will take place in Latin America, North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Africa.

Denmark already hosts continental management church of Scientology in Europe, providing ecclesiastical guidance to churches, missions and groups as well as social betterment and humanitarian groups, expanding across the continent like never before. It also hosts the most sacred place of Scientology in Europe, where scientologists go to reach their highest levels of spiritual awareness.

Scientology is a recognized world religion supported by administrative and judicial resolutions from courts such as European Court of Human Rights, Sweden, UK Supreme Court, Spain, Italy, Australia, Portugal, United States, Argentina, etc., and a growing number of countries.

Originally published through BLASTINGNEWS

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